Our Team

Our Transport

We have our own vehicles and canoes, and a team of drivers who know the roads and national routes, and areperfectly trained to provide the best possible service. Our inland fleet includes4x4 Toyota vehicles for 8 people, van type vehicles, and Sprinter Vans with 12 and 16 seats. All our vehicles are equipped with air conditioning. To encourage long journeys in the tours we schedule regular breaks at least every two hours. This allows our visitors to refresh, taste local delicacies and take pictures of the beautiful landscapes along the way. Our canoes are equipped with outboard motors and have seats for 20 people in the Orinoco Delta. For sea navigation we have boats which seat 16people in the MochimaNational Park and the Paria Peninsula. All these boats also have a canvasesfor protection against the sun. We also have in our camp canoes and kayaks, and in the Orinoco Deltawe have the curiaras, the traditional canoes of the Warao Indians.